About Me

In 1982-4, I translated Itsuo Tsuda’s book “Le Non-Faire” into English. It was published in 1984, the year Tsuda passed away.

If you’ve no idea who Tsuda was, he was a Japanese teacher of Aikido and Seitai, and at the age of 60, he left Japan and set up his own dojo in Paris, France, where he taught until he died. To read more, go here: http://www.ecole-itsuo-tsuda.org/en/itsuo-tsuda/

I’m British and have lived in Japan since 1980. I got introduced to Seitai in 1981 by Peter Shapiro who gave me a book by Tsuda. In 1982, I went to France to meet Tsuda and got his permission to translate his book into English. He later arranged for this to be published, in 1984. However, it has been out of print ever since, as the publisher went bankrupt and I never heard from him after that.

On this website, I’ll be posting some personal stories related to Seitai, Aikido, Tsuda, etc., with links to some sample chapters from “The Not Doing” and maybe some of my translations of chapters of other books Tsuda wrote, when I get around to inputting the original, yellowing type-written pages…

Tsuda’s school  (L’ecole de la respiration) has published English translations of some of Tsuda’s 9 books,  including this one.


I’m an expert in neither Aikido nor Seitai, so please don’t expect me to answer questions about these two arts.

I’m not a medical professional or a martial-arts expert either. So don’t ask me questions about health or “what to do in the case of …”.

Here’s a video of Peter Shapiro, who like Tsuda also later left Japan for Europe where he teaches Aikido and Seitai in Switzerland. Below that is a video of Tsuda teaching in his dojo in Paris.